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  • Andrei Raileanu

My first trip to Corfu

A photographer's perspective!

My first trip to Corfu, Greece, happened in the summer of 2021. After the wonderful 2020, I decided to take a short trip to recharge my batteries and photograph some new places. Booked my accommodation for 3 nights at Fotini Studios and decided to drive there so I could also carry my photo equipment.

After a fairly uneventful drive to the city of Igoumenitsa, I boarded a huge ferry and headed towards the city of Corfu on the Island of Corfu.

From the moment I reached Igoumenitsa port, I knew I made the right choice. I was a little bit nervous as the last ferry was leaving in 5 minutes and I did not have my ticket yet. Seeing how relaxed everybody was around me I instantly knew I will enjoy 4 days of full relaxation far away from the normal day-to-day life.

First sight of Corfu!

Well, lucky me, I was greeted by the old city Fortress and an incredible sunset so I had to spend some time in the city port to quickly snap a photo.

Fotini Studios was located on the west side of the island, an easy 15 minutes drive that gave me the chance to have a look around for sights to check out the next day. The GPS worked perfectly taking me directly to the parking place of the location. Fotini Studios offers to all guests a free parking place and that was a plus, not needing to worry about the car. It started to look as NO WORRIES was this trip motto.

First sight of Fotini Studios!

Lady luck struck again and Fotini Studios greeted me with this beautiful sight. Enjoyed a quick dive in the pool and checked in. For this trip, I chose the Premium Studio. It seemed to have everything I needed: a private deck next to the pool, a modern shower bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, WiFi, and A/C not to mention 2 twin beds that looked very comfortable (and actually they were).

Had a quick but excellent dinner at one of the many nearby restaurants and headed to bed dreaming of tomorrow's adventures.

Fotini Studios - Premium Studio Photos


The following days!

I do not regret for one minute taking this trip. The following days were amazing. Starting with the local people which were the most friendly I ever met. From Nikos and his leather workshop to the nice lady from the restaurant I tried the night before, everything was amazing.

In terms of activities, I quickly learned that 4 days is not enough to try at least a few of them. After deciding and booking a new trip at the end of the summer I settled for the following:

  • Rented a boat from SeaHorse Boat Rentals. I did not expect I will be given the boat and some general direction, I hoped someone will come with me. I was relieved to find out this is also a possibility. I fully recommend these guys as they took me to amazing places and showed me around.

  • I enjoyed a couple of secluded beaches only accessible by boat.

  • I took a dive and snorkeled for a little while.

  • Enjoyed the Fotini Studios pool.

  • Rented a scooter and went on exploring myself, stopping now and then at a taverna or coffee place.

  • Visited a local Olive Wood Workshop and a Leather Workshop where I learned a little bit about the trade and purchased some awesome gifts for return.

  • Enjoyed a nice meal at La Grotta bar and beach.

  • Took some amazing photos in the area.

Boom, just like that, 4 days passed as quickly as the afternoon nap and I needed to leave. No time to visit Corfu city and its amazing streets and tavernas, museums and castles... no time to visit other villages on the island, to take a day trip to Paxos Antipaxos Blue Caves... Well, very good reasons to come back again as soon as possible.


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