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Is Fotini Studios a good place for families traveling with children?

Just the other day we received this question from a mother who was looking for accommodation in Corfu.

Our quick answer was: You should decide for yourself" and we sent the photo below.

We had a good laugh together and afterward, we started sharing the following information:

  1. Fotini Studios, the village of Paleokastritsa as well as the entire island of Corfu (both locals and tourists) are taking very seriously the recommendations given by doctors regarding the current Covid - 19 situation.

  2. Our accommodation facilities are very well suited for families with children as we offer spacious rooms in various configurations (Large Apartments, Spacious Studios with double or single beds, even connecting rooms are a possibility).

  3. The amenities included in each of our studios or apartment make life easy for families with children: air conditioning, TV, WiFi, fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, balcony that protect the little ones from accidentally falling but allow them to enjoy the view.

  4. Ample room around the main building where children can play in a very safe but entertaining environment.

  5. Food in Corfu is always fresh and very tasty not to mention it comes in a very wide variety of options so this shouldn't be a problem even for children that are not big fans of culinary activities.

Now that the main concerns were addressed we had a very nice conversation on what activities children can undertake by themselves or together with the family:

  • Have fun around the pool

  • Visit the many beautiful beaches in Paleokastritsa, where the water is crystal clear. Snorkeling is always a fun activity to try as children can learn a lot about marine life. You can even rent a boat trip in a special boat that has a glass bottom so children can observe the marine life without having to dive into the water.

  • Rent a pedal boat

  • Rent a boat from our partner SeaHorse Boat Rentals and explore secret beaches only accessible by boat. You can even set up a pirate-like game or a treasure hunt for the little ones.

  • Visit castles and old fortresses and teach them about Greek Mythology and History

  • Have an ice cream together in the insanely beautiful Hans and Gretel Sweet Shop in the town of Corfu. They will love it.

  • Surprise them with an unplanned visit to Aqualand Corfu

  • Take them for a hike in the close village of Lakonos and treat them to very good ice cream at Dolce Cafe, they will just love the view (and you as well).

  • Take them plane sporting close to the airport. The landing strip is surrounded by water and they will simply love it. You can check the landing schedule of planes on the Corfu Airport Website.

If you would like us to give you more ideas feel free to get in touch with our friendly personnel and they will do their best to make your stay memorable and worry-free by providing amazing experiences and accommodation.

See you soon in Corfu!


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